Pre and Post-Lockdown

The coronavirus-induced lockdown has changed and is changing life style of human beings across the Globe, India is not an exception to it.
One should try to be optimistic about overall economic lockdown revival in India post-lockdown. The essential services are contributing with their routine supply chain even during difficult times keeping their lives at risk sometimes.
But more or less to revive Indian economy and to keep GDP on expected track, many dynamic and structured decisions have to be taken by Industries of all sectors and domains. The healthcare and FMCG industries are the only sectors which can see growth graph increasing based on the demand and supply.
However, the Government is contemplating to foster measures by taking care of the health issues do not increase with reference to Covid-19.
The share market seem to be an alternative action plan to be thought of and encourage investments, with minimum expectations and returns so that economy growth is kept alive.
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